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what's the training like?

Our training plan is designed to help you improve your swimming, achieve your goals and enjoy yourself.

What to expect:

  • 12 week training cycle (Freyberg is 10 weeks but fits into the same cycle)

  • 4 weeks focus on speed development, 4 weeks on endurance and 4 weeks of intensity (speed over distance)

  • Weekly technique focus

  • Plenty of variety within sessions

  • Option of being filmed (no extra cost)

  • Lots of friendly and supportive squad members who love to swim


how fast do i need to be?

If you can swim 500m in 12min or less then you'll be absolutely fine in our squads.

If you're not sure please email us here and we'll be happy to do a free assessment for you.


why swim in a squad?

Swimming with others is the most effective and fun way to improve your swimming.


  • Being around like minded people gives you energy, encouragement and more examples to learn from.

  • Swimming with faster people gives you a constant benchmark to aim for.

  • You get the benefit of drafting, swimming faster without the same energy cost. Essentially you learn to swim faster.

how many sessions should i swim per week?

We recommend at least 2 sessions per week to see consistent improvement.

can i join mid term?

Yes absolutely, if we have space available you're welcome to join at any point in the term. We will pro rata the squad fees for the remaining weeks.

do i need any gear?

We use fins, paddles and pull buoys in all squads. They help with different parts of technique and also to keep training interesting! The gear should be comfortable and fitted to you.


We recommend getting your gear from:


Swim T3 on Oriental Parade, Wellington


Or Ministry of Swimming (Online only) 

Each pool also sells a limited amount of gear if you get stuck.

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